As a child, I was often more comfortable inside books than around people. I don’t write in the genre I once devoured (fantasy fiction), but perpetual, obsessive reading is the writer’s unofficial apprenticeship, and I’m glad my once-shy self put in the hours.

Professional Blogging (2020-)

Logo of Lambda Island, which is an outline of a lighthouse in blue.

I write informative, accessible posts for aspiring and novice coders, covering everything from technical issues to career and academic ones.

Key pieces

Freelance Reporting (2018-)

I’m focused on issues that impact women, LGBT people and people of color, often at the state level. I’m skilled at weaving together statistics, expert interviews, and personal testimony from people impacted by a policy or issue. Recent bylines have included Rewire News Group and the Capital Times.

Key pieces:

Epic (2014-2018)

Epic Systems logo, which is the name Epic in red sans-serif.

As a technical writer at Epic, I translated complicated design documents, interviews with experts, and even source code into readable and compelling documentation. I wrote for a variety of audiences, including doctors, nurses, IT teams, managers, and executives.

Key projects:

Blogging (2012-)

Cursive Capital A, for Alys, in the same font as the header.

Blogs are a great nursery for ideas, a way to practice and a means of sharing small projects that wouldn’t otherwise find an audience.

The Marquette Tribune (2013-2014)

The Marquette Tribune logo, a T in front of a sun

Throughout college, I occasionally wrote for the The Marquette Tribune on top of my other duties at the paper. During my senior year, it won a regional award, Best All-Around Non-Daily, from the Society of Professional Journalists. I also copy edited for The Tribune and managed the copy desk.

Key stories:

Reviewing the Arts (2014)

I’ve always enjoyed the arts, so when I got the chance to write about it and have my work critiqued by Dr. Pamela Nettleton, a long-time magazine writer and brilliant professor, I jumped at the chance.

Key pieces:

Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service (2012-2013)

Milwaukee NNS logo, consisting of a skyline wrapped around the words Neighborhood News Service, with Milwaukee below.

I’ve reported on local non-profits, city agencies and community members for Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, an online news agency that focuses on overlooked neighborhoods. The internship and my later freelance pieces were a valuable opportunity to meet people across the city and practice community journalism.

Key stories: