My interest in programming has lead to me to explore a variety of areas within it: data analysis and visualisation, programmer tools, web development, and game development.

Gaiwan (2020–)

As an open source maintainer for Gaiwan’s Lambda Island, I merge contributions, answer questions, fix issues, and contribute new features. My work is partly funded by Lambda Island’s backers on Open Collective. I also do client work for Gaiwan.

Example contributions:

Open Source (2014-)

My focus has been on documentation, libraries, and programmer-oriented tools written in Python.

Example contributions:

Coursework (2014)

I filled the gaps left by my major and minor1 with computer science whenever possible. Projects ranged from writing small GUI apps to implementing famous solutions to problems in computer science. My programming experience also let me finesse the odd website for a journalism class.

Key projects:

  1. Journalism and German